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Bold. Creative. Forward-thinking. These are words that describe our spaces and our people. We convert outdated industrial areas into vibrant, creative communities for the next generation of innovators. We’ve pioneered the move of some of the top production, entertainment and tech companies to the Westside’s creative hubs. From Culver City to Santa Monica, WeHo to Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey to Hollywood and Playa Vista to Venice, we find creative spaces to match your unique vision. Tap into our robust network of leading financiers, architects and contractors. Together we provide a highly personalized, complete real estate solution. We have everything a national firm can offer, yet we are flexible and adaptive, with deep-rooted local knowledge. Make the move to a more creative space.


Lee & Associates West Los Angeles’ philosophy is to make everything and anything possible for every client that crosses their threshold. From real estate needs to investments, Lee & Associates WLA will always leverage its pioneering spirit and network of experts to deliver the greatest profits and success. As an industry leader with a wealth of experience, they are determined to find creative spaces that match clients’ individual needs, wants and aesthetics, creating an unrivaled buying, selling and leasing experience.


The dynamic real estate professionals at Lee & Associates are the most experienced developers in West LA, with a long history of 20/20 foresight. They see potential where others see risk, carving out untapped markets for professional creative spaces on the Westside. They have never been trend-followers, but rather community-builders, dictating the market and developing creative industries in West LA. They are pioneers of the niche market of creative real estate, and their deep understanding of their customers’ needs and wants is reflected in the way they do business. They are sought out for their absolute knowledge of their market, their market dominance, and the ease with which they adapt to their customers’ needs. Today, they transcend the real estate and investment industries by offering services in all disciplines that include office, industrial, retail, multifamily, land, and development.